We help business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers make it big using through-the-line brand communications delivery and leading edge digital strategies.

Are you doing “all the right things” but still struggling to meet your targets, attracting non-ideal clients, and having very little influence?

Our strength lies in our ability to interpret customer needs and deliver excellent creative solutions, all with incredible turnaround times.

With 12 years experience as a partner of choice to a number of brands, in a range of sectors, we already know that Flux Creative is the perfect partner to facilitate your success.

“But where should I start?”

Right now you’re putting in long hours, desperately looking for a solution to maximise your time,  while trying to balance family and work.

Your website creation, performance and optimisation is high on your list of priorities but you’re struggling to produce enough demand for your content, let alone creating amazing imagery to captivate your target market.

As a fully integrated creative agency with 12 years experience in our field, we help business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers like you to:

  • Create your identity, and the brand personality you need to get ahead in a post-recession market
  • Deal with less complications so that you have time to grow your bottom line
  • Make you feel like a pro, and look like an expert, when it comes to creative delivery
  • Consistently grow your list, audience, and traffic
  • Plan an event or exhibition designed for maximum impact

We believe that whether it’s a simple business card or a complex through-the-line campaign, we deliver the best product to the market.

Because when you have a partner that believes in your vision as much as you do, you’ll have more time, reach more people, and make more money.

When you work with us you’ll benefit from everything we know about design, online marketing, and strategy. As we work together we will meet urgent deadlines and work collaboratively to create the best strategies to gain your brand ground in the marketplace.

By the time the big job is done you won’t believe how we managed to simplify the brand experience using super hot creative.

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“The Flux team is highly creative, flexible and reliable!
It felt as if they were my business partners rather than my agency.
Thank you guys, what a breath of fresh air you are in the agency space!”

Madelein Özok

Group General Manager Marketing Operations, Sun International


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